The Chocolate tale of Sudavik

Sætt & Salt Chocolate factory and the Arctic Fox Center


2 hour tour – Pick up and drop off at Isafjordur harbour

This tour takes you to the village of Sudavik, to the Sætt og Salt Chocolate factory where Elsa makes her unique fair-trade chocolate. She mixes it with herbs and berries from the mountains and hand harvested Sea Salt from the fjords for flavoring. Listen to her inspiring story from an idea to one of the most sought after chocolates in Iceland. This is a true example of how people of the Westfjords are forced to think outside of the box to create their own job opportunities. After tasting some of her delicious handmade chocolate you get to make your own chocolate bar and put in it whatever you want. 

While you wait for your Chocolate to set we walk next door to the Arctic Fox Centre and visit Mori, a rescue fox that lives there. The Arctic Fox is the only native mammal in Iceland and was here before the Vikings settled here. The Centre is a non-profit research center that focuses on the fox and therefore the place to go for knowledge on these furry animals.

After a visit to the Arctic Fox Centre we stop by Sætt & Salt where you package your handmade chocolate to go but before we drop you off at the harbour we make a stop for a fascinating view of the Glaciar fjords and Isafjordur.

Perfect tour for:

  – Foodies.
  – The whole family
  – Those that want a short tours or combo tour
  – Meeting the locals
  – Come back with a unique story not available anywhere else
  – Wild life enthusiasts

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