Hotsprings & Wellness 8 days, 7 nights

Hotsprings & Wellness

8 days, 7 nights in the Westfjords & Norht Iceland

We are very lucky Iceland for the multiple sources of Geothermal water that has created great quantities of Hot Springs to bathe in. Most of them are natural ones but others have been created using the benefits the land has to offer. Such as GeoSea In Husavik and the Beer Spa in Árskógssandur. Over these 8 days we travel through the Westfjords and North Iceland with the goal of relaxing in the hot waters and recharging your batteries through the spectacular natural wonders we visit on the way.

The option we show below is based on a 8 days trip. It can be altered to 4 days and up to 14 days up on request.

Itinerary Example

Day 1

Pick up at the Airport and given a short introduction into Iceland and the Capital area. Overnight in Drangsnes. By the shoreline are hot tubs which offer incredible views and free of charge for the visitors of Drangsnes and therefore a perfect place to end the evening and recover from jet lag.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Drive through the fantastic fjords of Isafjardardjup where we will find multiple sources of Geothermal Water. Our first stop will be in Reykjanes. There is a large natural Swimming pool there and also a Sea Salt factory that uses the geothermal heat to hand-harvest the salt from the ocean. We take an easy walk to the old Swimming pool which is beautifully situated. There you can also find wild mint that grows there, extremely rare in Iceland. After being more educated about the multiple uses of Geothermal heat in Iceland drive to Isafjordur and stay there overnight.

Day 7

Day 8