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We are a local Travel Agency in the Westfjords, the rural most region of Iceland. After so many years in the Travel and Service industry, both in Reykjavik and New York, we decided to move to the Westfjords and start our own company four years ago.

Our main focus is to offer local experiences that enhances the visit for our customers and they leave with a unique story. We tailor make packages to fit our customers needs, ranging from a day to couple of weeks. It can be a visit to the Westfjords region only, or combined with other parts of Iceland as well.

We tailor make packages to fit our customers needs, ranging from a day to couple of weeks

Why are we focusing on the Westfjords?

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Iceland. In the past decade it has become the largest industry in the country, everywhere except in the Westfjords. As of today it is very seasonal for various reasons such as lack of knowledge in the area, and that’s where we enter in to help.

Beside astonishing surrounding mith majestic mountain scenery, one of the greatest assets that the Westfjords has for the traveler is the locals and all the local experiences available. The Westfjords are built up by small towns and villages, where every inhabitant matters. The locals meet up to chat about the current affairs in the swimming pools, get a drink together at the local pup or even stop on opposite ends of the street in their cars for a quick chat while the traffic behind can just wait for a while. That’s what makes this region worth visiting, the welcoming locals.

Therefore we see the benefit for the traveler to come here and participate in the slow-paced life to recharge their batteries while enjoying everything the region has to offer in regards to nature, culture and activities. In the following segments we have put together a few suggestions to what a multi-day tour with us could include.

Hot Springs and Wellness

In Iceland, we are fortunate to have Geothermal water in numerous places. The different uses of the geothermal heat have benefited the country and it’s industries for decades now. In the Westfjords we have plenty of hot springs to bathe in, that often offer a fantastic view. Some of those hot springs are located in hidden places often with limited infrastructure that provides an authentic and unforgettable experience.

The North of Iceland they have been truly resourceful with their creation of unique Geothermal baths with different experiences included. Therefore a combo tour to the Westfjords and the North together with visits to various different hot springs makes for a memorable trip that we have done few times with great feedback.

Northern Lights tours

With the region being scattered in population, the drive to a complete wilderness with no light pollution from towns or villages is extremely short and the tranquility and peacefulness remarkable. The secret to the successful Northern Lights chase and the uniqueness of the experience is in the mountains and the narrow fjords. The Mountains offer a good protection from wind that often makes the Northern Lights mirror in the ocean between them creating an awe experience. The multiple farm hotels located in the middle of nowhere offer great sightings and the chances of seeing the lights increase immensely with the option for a wake-up call during the night.

Local Experiences

As mentioned before, one of the greatest assets we have in the Westfjords is the locals that live here and make this a community like no other. Living in such a rural area, job security or even finding a job in your field can sometimes be tricky. However it is important to live where you want to live and feel happy and safe. Therefore people have needed to think outside of the box to make a living and created their own luck. There are multiple local companies, large and small, that have set their mark for the region by creating products that didn’t exist before, starting services that enhanced the life of the locals or caf├ęs, restaurants or unique attractions worth visiting.

We focus on giving our customers the chance to taste and try out the best that we make in the region for a Icelandic authentic experience



The Westfjords are made out of fjords and mountains and therefore filled with numerous walking and hiking trails. This has been the main attraction for the region for years and been the hikers paradise. There is both options for a self-guided walks or hikes as well as guided ones with an experienced local guide. Boat tours have also become a popular entertainment, visiting fjords that are only accessibly passed the ocean or Islands that keep pristine wild-life and history.

Museums and exhibition is a growing attractions here and in the past few years many fun places to visit have been popping up and helped tremendously making the region an unforgettable place to visit. Horseback riding by the beach or into the valley is a must for those that love horses. Paddle boarding is a growing sport and a great way to clear your head while enjoying the stunning scenery across the calm water fjords.

Combining some, or all of the segments above makes for a trip worth remembering and revisiting, which is what many of our customers have done. To get in contact for more information, please fill in the form below