Paddle Boarding

Westfjords Paddle Boarding


The fjords very often offer a calm water ocean that allows for a soothing paddling through them. We offer three versions of Paddle boarding tours in the adjacent fjords of Isafjordur, depending on where the best weather is. The option for pick up at your hotel is also a possibility.

Tours Available


1.5 hour tour in Sudureyri

Starts by the harbour in Sudureyri. Paddle over to the old harbour with view to the open ocean and over to Goltur mountain, the oldest lava layer in iceland. Paddle calmly by Nordureyri, where there used to be a farm but due to multiple large avalanches that have fallen on the farm nobody lives their anymore. However you can still see the ruins of the farm. After that we paddle back into the harbour with a view over the village of Sudureyri

3 hour tour in Sudureyri

Start by the harbour in Sudureyri. Paddle into the fjords, towards the bottom of the fjords. Sugandafjordur is one of the narrowest fjord in the Westfjords and therefore offers close feeling of its majestic mountains and is rarely windy. To paddle by the shoreline towards its end gives a truly magnificent feeling, and who knows if we meet some seals on the way. After that we paddle back but keep going past Sudureyri towards the old harbour with a view towards the open ocean before we paddle back to the harbour.

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