Secluded Valley Life

Farming, culture and scenery

2.5 Hour tour – Pick up and Drop off from Isafjordur harbour

Being the most rural area of Iceland, the Westfjords region offer many secluded Valleys filled with hidden gems to explore. In one such Valley lives a family of six that invites you to their home to breathe in the fresh air of the fascinating scenic Valley and walk through the ruins of history left behind from the past hundreds of years. 
Bær farm in Stadardalur Valley is run by young farmers that pride themselves of having sustainable farming with sheep, for during summertime their sheep roam around freely to the adjacent fjords. Learn about their struggle getting snowed in during winter and the joy they get from living in such a peaceful environment. 
Get to know the history of the Valley as well, which at one point was inhabited by multiple farms and one of the first places in Iceland to be settled by the Vikings.
Take a historic walk by old ruins located next to their farm after which you get the chance to interact with the animals while enjoying Icelandic delicacies. Before we leave back to Isafjordur we stop by a fisherman’s shack down by the shoreline and have a view over the oldest mountain in Iceland, Göltur mountain that is over 16 million years old. Before we return to Isafjordur you also get to meet the Stone Troll that watches over the road to the Valley and listen to her folktale. This tour has it all, culture, nature and history.

Perfect tour for:

  – The whole family
  – Those that want a short tour
  – Meeting the locals
  – Come back with a unique story not available anywhere else
  – Animal enthusiasts

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