Slow Travel – Short Break

Take a break, Slow down and enjoy the Westfjords

Even though it is a shorter version of our indept tour, it still offers the opportunity to recharge your batteries in a quiet athmosphere and stunning surroundings. Get to know the locals, our way of life and visit many of our favorite sites where you can breath in our history, culture and natur.e Come to the Westfjords, meet some local characters, get to know our way of life and visit many of our favorite sites and truly soak in our history, culture and nature.

Short Description

The Old Hospital in Isafjordur. Today this beautiful building houses our library

Enjoy a short break in the town of Isafjordur, the capital of the Westfjords with a total population of about 2700 people and use this as an opportunity to recharge your batteries. The series of Slow Travel tours we are offering are considered for those that either live a very hectic life and need to get away and to a slower pace for a while to be able to reset before going back home into the caos with a better focused mind, or for those that like to spend more time to get the to know the area they are traveling through more thoroughly. This is the shortest version we are offering and is perfect to take as a combo with other tours around Iceland, as a side to your travel or as a short break to recharge and go back.

Highlights and experiences

  • Isafjardardjup, the longest fjord in Iceland and one of its most rural areas. Has multiple smaller fingerfjords, each one with its own charm and story.
  • Visit to a local Chocolate Factory, Saett & Salt, that makes handmade chocolate using berries and herbs from the mountains and local hand-harvested Sea Salt for flavoring. Get to make your own chocolate bar.
  • Visit Dokkan, local brewery and taste their produce
  • Litlibaer Turf farm will welcome us with waffles and homemade blueberry and rhubarb jam. Make our own butter there with the same method they used in 19th century Iceland.
  • Northern Lights excursions in the evening. The fjords offer a tranquility from the wind, giving you a better chance of seeing the lights mirroring in the ocean as well as dancing in the sky.
  • Local guide with you the whole time that offers you many diverse local experiences on top on everything that has been mentioned above. Like staying with a friend.


Note that this is only a suggestion. We tailor make the package to fit our clients needs.

Day 1

Pick up at the Airport or at a hotel in Reykjavik. Introduction to Iceland while driving from the Capital to the Contryside. Scenic drive to Drangsnes with a stop by the beautiful Barnafoss and Hraunfossar waterfalls.

Day 2

Travel through Isafjardardjup and its multiple fjords. Seal watching by the shoreline, visit Saltverk where they hand-harvest sea salt from the Ocean using geothermal water. Visit a 19th century Turf Farm and end the day in Isafjordur for the next 2 nights.