Vikings and Waterfalls

Tour of the Viking Village of Thingeyri and Dynjandi Waterfall

6 hour tour – Pick up and Drop off at Isafjordur harbour

Here you get a great combination of a scenic drive, natural beauty, waterfalls and history. We
begin going to Viking village of Thingeyri. Take a guided walking tour from the recreated Viking area through the ruins of the old Viking Thing, the Viking parliament, and into the Viking Centre. Learn what is true and false about the Scandinavian Vikings. You can ask questions while learning about their traditions and daily life. At Skalinn Viking Centre you get the opportunity to become a Viking yourself by dressing up in authentic handmade Viking clothing, bake Viking bread on an open fire, try out replicas of their weapons and cheers with a Viking beer.

Next visit the main attraction of the Westfjord region, the breathtaking Dynjandi Waterfalls. Dynjandi is 100 m tall and 60 m wide. It is a staircase waterfall that flows over one lava layer after another. The river flowing from the large waterfall has a total of 7 different waterfalls, each different from the next. You can take a walk halfway up or a hike all the way to the bottom of the large Dynjandi. Then we enjoy lunch at a locals house, for the real local experience. After all this, enjoy the drive back to Isafjordur with scenic photo stops along the way.

Perfect tour for:

 – History and Nature enthusiasts.
  – Those that want to make the most of their time in Isafjordur.
  – The whole family
  – Meeting the locals.
  – Come back with a unique story not available anywhere else.

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