Culture and Waterfalls

Culture and Waterfalls in Isafjordur

Isafjordur is the Capital of the Westfjords Region, the largest town of the roughly 7000 that live in the region, 2700 live in Isafjordur. Even though the community is small, the goals are set high. Many of those that live in the area have had to thought outside of the box to make a living and therefore many people have created prosperous companies and productions that are on their way of being the most sought after in Iceland, and next, the World. While visiting the highlights of the natural wonders of Westfjords we also visit those people and their productions.


During the 3 nights stay in Isafjordur there are various daytours included and experiences. Visit to the amazing Dynjandi Waterfall is one of the highlihgts. This is one of the few staircaise waterfalls in the world, falling over one lava layer after another. This majestic waterfall is 100 m tall and up to 60 m wide.