The Westfjords of Iceland 5 days 4 nights

Westfjords of Iceland

5 days, 4 nights –

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This tour around the Westfjords offers a great introduction into one of the most rural areas of Iceland and therefor a perfect opportunity for a more local experience. The total population of the region is roughly 7000 people. There for, a large portion of the area is untouched nature and small towns and villages. These 5 days offer the best of the Westfjords.


These 5 days and 4 nigths take you through the wonders of the Westfjords, the Dynjandi waterfalls, Raudisandur (the Red Sand Beach) and the fantastic fjords of Isafjardardjup. Filled with hotsprings, tranquility and resourceful locals. Visit companies such as Saltverk who are hand-harvesting Sea Salt using Geothermal heat, Dokkan brewery, the first and only brewery in the Westfjords and Saett og Salt chocolate factory who are mixing Chocolate with herbs and berries from the mountains and Sea Salt from Saltverk for flavouring. We try for the Northern Lights every evening, and with the calmness the fjords offer and protection from the wind, there is a good chance that we can see them mirroring in the ocean as well.

Highlights & Inclusion

  • 3 nights in the Westfjords, 1 night in Reykjavik. Breakfast included
  • Visit to Saltverk, Sea Salt factory.
  • Visit to Saett og Salt chocolate factory, make your own chocolate bar
  • Lunch at Litlibaer Turf Farm from 19th century
  • Brewery visit to Dokkan in Isafjordur
  • Dynjandi Waterfall
  • Red Sand Beach (Raudisandur)
  • The fjords of Isafjardardjup
  • Viking Center in Thingeyri.
  • Multiple villages and Towns visited over the 5 days

Itinerary Example

Day 1

Pick up at the Airport and driven to either Borgarnes og Drangses overnight there. On the way the guide will offer introduction to Iceland and an overview of the schedule for the next days. Short day to cover from jet lag.

Day 2

Travel through the fantastic fjords of Isafjardardjup. Stop by Saltverk and get an introduction in the many ways Icelanders use their Geothermal heat and the sustainable production they have there. Take a short walk up to the old swimming pool of Reykjanes and see the rare find of mint that grows there wild. The pool is no longer in use but we will go for a soak in a natural Geothermal Hotspring nearby. Before arriving in Isafjordur for the night we stop by Saett og Salt Chocolate factory and listen to the Chocolate tale of Elsa, who is the northernmost Chocolatier, and how she started her company, making handmade chocolate, out of her garage. Before we leave everyone gets to make their own chocolate bar. End the day at the Brewery, Dokkan. Overnight in Isafjordur.

Day 3

Half-day of leisure before embarking on a journey from the north of the Westfjords, to the southern part. On the way we visit Thingeyri for a true Viking experience there. See Dynjandi Waterfall in the afternoon before settling in at the hotel in Patreksfjordur.

Day 4

Visit the out of this world beach by Raudisandur. Also known as the Red Sand Beach. Its scenery, view and cafe is amazing. Take morning sip of coffee there while enjoying the fabulous view. Take then a scenic drive back to Reykjavik for the last overnight in the Capital.

Day 5

Transfer to the Keflavik Airport and thank you for visiting Iceland.

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